James & Angela, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in California servicing the Bay Area, Central Valley, and destination.


Life is full of amazing moments.  Moments we want to hang onto tight, moments we want to never forget, moments we want to be able to re-experience anytime.  There is a way to do just that - photography.  How often have we looked at a photo and the whole memory comes flooding back?  How often does a photo make us laugh or cry?  That is real magic.


When we share photos with others, they want to know more about the moment.  We share the stories, and in doing so, we bring them in on the memory too.  Photos are physical memories.  They capture our lives and play them back for us.  They keep us close to loved ones who have passed on.  They remind us of our relationships, of who we love - and all the many reasons why we love them.  It's magical.


Whether it's photographing your Bay Area wedding or your perfect culinary masterpiece or your San Francisco elopement or your Tahoe minimony - your memories, your lives, deserve to be preserved.  They deserve to be remembered forever.  Photography is passion, life, and love.


And that's why we do what we do.