The ShootAnyAngle Photo Booth is one of a kind.  It is an automated booth, so it doesn't need an attendant (but don't worry, we'll stop by and check on it just in case!).  Guests can simply tap the screen to begin, and take three photos!  

The booth prints photo strips using thermal printing.  This means that people won't get ink all over their hands (and then hug your white dress 😬).  These prints are unique in not only the way they are printed but also because they are stickers!  Leave them with the backing on, or stick them in a guestbook.  Or guests can email themselves the print insteadIt's totally up to you!  They don't fade, they can survive spills, and they are great to cherish for years to come.  Plus, you'll get all the digital copies!

Getting married outside with limited electricity?  No problem!  We designed the booth to run off the grid!

The booth needs about a 10'x10' area to allow for foot traffic.  It also needs to be backed up against a wall or other barrier to prevent people walking around the backside of the booth and cannot be set up in any pathway, in front of any door or vent.  ShootAnyAngle requires 45minutes to 1 hour of time for set-up (exact time depends on the venue).  Due to liability reasons, once the booth is set-up, the photographers cannot leave it at the venue and travel to another location.


*Please note: As of 2020, we are discontinuing the use of props at the Photo Booth for the foreseeable future due to COVID and its variants in an effort to keep you and your guests safe.  Most props are held close to the mouth and nose and used immediately by the next guest.  Due to this liability, we are unable to allow any props at the booth whether supplied by ourselves or others.