A 12"x12" photo book with an acrylic front cover (and photo) and a leather spine and back cover.  Includes 26 thick, flatlay pages.  

Designed by us, approved by you!


Want multiple copies of the same photo book to give as gifts?  Get duplicates for $300 each!

How It Works

We'll select the images and design the book for you.  The books contain around 40-50 images. 

It is not required, but if you want to let us know your favorite images, you can create a favorites list in your online album (just click the heart on a favorite image, and then click to continue creating an account).  Let us know that you've made a list at the time of paying your invoice (or when you receive your online album).  We can then take that list into account while designing.  Please note that we cannot guarantee that every image you select is included, so it's best to keep this list to your top favorites (10-20 images total). 

Once the design is complete, we'll send you a proof to take a look at.  If it's all set to go, sign the proof, and we'll send it to the printers!  If you'd like to make changes, you can ask us to switch out photos (best to send a screenshot of the one you want to replace and then a screenshot of what you'd like it replaced with).  Please make sure to include all changes in the first request as we can only support one set of changes.  We'll then make the adjustments, and send the new proof.