Imagination Shoots


Does your child love playing dress up or make-believe?  So, do mine!  That's why I started doing what I call "Imagination Shoots" for them.  They were such a hit that I'm officially launching Imagination Shoots by ShootAnyAngle Photography!  

For the launch, shoots will be limited to Ripon, CA.

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- 1 shoot per child / scene

- 1 finished image (Client chooses character)

- Up to 20 minute shoot to get the proper pose for the photo

- Shoot in Ripon, CA (location determined by photographer)

- Client is responsible for own costume and hair/makeup (if applicable)


*Introductory Price*


Have multiple kids? 

Take 20% off for each additional child





Do I have to tell you the character ahead of time?

Yes.  I need to make sure that I can create the character and scene, so I do need to approve the character prior to booking.


What should my child wear?

Your child should wear a costume appropriate to the character he/she is going to be for the Imagination Shoot.  Some accessories I can add digitally, but the main costume needs to be real and photographed during the shoot.


What characters can my child be?

You can choose any character, but I will need to know what character prior to booking to confirm I can create the scene. 


How many images will I receive?

The shoot will produce one final image.  It takes quite a lot of time to create the image and scene.  If you want more than one image, you'll need to book more than one shoot.


How long will the shoot be?

It depends on the person I'm photographing, but it's up to 20 minutes.  I'm striving to capture the perfect singular image, but sometimes getting the proper pose can take a few tries, especially with young kids.


Can we do the shoot in the Bay Area?

At this time, no.  I'm currently only accepting shoots in Ripon, CA during the launch.  I'll be arranging the location ahead of time.


Can I order a print?

Yes.  When I deliver the image, you'll be able to order a print or photo gift.