TartineTartineA delicious tartine with toast, herbed butter, cucumbers, and prosciutto. Food by A Matter of Taste in Ripon, Ca. Photo by ShootAnyAngle Foodtography (of ShootAnyAngle Photography), a Central Valley and Bay Area food photographer.

(Starting prices per menu item.  Complex shots will be more expensive.)


License Options

Rights Managed

Limited rights restricted to region.  Prices start at $65 per menu item.  Minimum of 3 items for local shoots required, more for non-local.

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited usage with exclusive rights to the photos.  Copyright remains with the photographer.  Prices start at $150 per menu item.

All Rights

All rights including copyright granted for a premium fee.  Prices start at $500 per menu item.

Contact for a quote!






Who prepares the food?

- You or your chef would prepare the food unless it's an item that requires more styling.  In that case, I'd ask for the individual elements and style it myself.  Once I learn more about the food, I can let you know the best course of action.


How will you make the food look good?

- I have my tricks!  I can treat the food in ways to make it look it's best.  Plus, I can style the food to make it look the most appealing.


How many photos are needed of the food?

- It depends what you plan to use the photos for, but generally it's just 1-3 for each dish - including a vertical and a horizontal image.  Also make sure to let me know if you plan to put copy over the photo, so I can create images with blank space.


What will the background be?

- That depends on your needs and your preferences.  Do you want just the food item with the background "cut" out or do you want to create an environment or scene for the food?  Do you prefer lighter backgrounds or darker ones?  Do you need brand colors incorporated?  We'll discuss your vision, and go from there!


What can I do with the photos?

- This depends on the license option you select.  The Rights Managed license grants you permission to use the images on your website, on social media, on Yelp, in your menus, in print advertisements, and in other local advertisements.  Please contact me for an estimate.  


When will I receive photos?

- The latest I'll deliver is within a week but usually much sooner.


How long do you need to shoot?

- It depends on the food itself, the amount to photograph, and the setup. Even a handful of dishes could take several hours depending on the extent of the styling. 


Where do you shoot?

- Generally, I shoot at my home studio in Ripon, CA.  My photography equipment requires a large footprint, with area around it to walk around easily.  If you have a large area that will accommodate a shoot without disturbing patrons, we may be able to use that.