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Can you explain copyright so I can figure out if I need to purchase it?

Anytime a photographer takes a photo, that photographer owns the copyright by law.  This is true of both commercial and personal photography.  So, the allowed uses depends on the contract with the photographer.  For my shoots, I grant the client a royalty-free, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license for the following uses: social media, website, email campaigns, internet advertisements, blog, Yelp and other review sites, DoorDash and the like, Etsy and other online storefronts, brochures, business cards, letterheads and the like, direct mail, posters/signage, menus, and on product labels.  You can see further details in your contract.  I use the images in ways to promote my business (i.e. in my portfolio, on social, etc).  Though maintaining copyright does mean I can resell the images, I offer my clients a 5-year grace period, meaning the images won't be sold for 5 years, and even then, I may never list it for sale.  Keep in mind that if the images have a product or company name visible, it's unlikely the images would be offered for resale.

However, some clients need to own full rights so they don’t have limitations (and they prefer I don't post the images on social media).  This is typical of large companies with worldwide distribution.  In those cases, they opt to purchase full rights.


I need food photos.  How will you make the food look good?

- I have my tricks!  I can treat the food in ways to make it look it's best.  Plus, I can style the food to make it look the most appealing.


What will the background be?

- That depends on your needs and your preferences.  A white background is a popular and cost-effective background for online storefronts.  I can also style a unique background to showcase your product or menu item including a lifestyle scene.  I also offer stock backgrounds that I can photoshop your product onto.


Will the shoot be at my place of business or at your studio?

- I can do shoots at your place of business if you are in my local shooting area.  However, you do not need to be in my local area to work with me.  Simply mail your product to me, and I'll do the shoot in my home studio.  If you'd like the product back, just provide a pre-paid mailing label.


Do I have a say in how my photos will look?

- Of course!  I want to know about your business, your ideal clients, your vision, your branding colors, and more!  That will help me create the perfect images for you.  We'll chat ahead of time to brainstorm ideas.