Vendor may use per contract stipulationsVendor may use per contract stipulations
I'm a brand photographer specializing in food photography and styling and product photography.  I am able to support clients worldwide if products can be shipped.

I offer a variety of services including:

- White background product / food photos

- Lifestyle scene photos

- Food styling

- Reels

- Stock photography

- Stock backgrounds

- Copyright transfer

- Headshots

- A la carte and monthly subscription options

Prices start at only $30 per product / menu item!*

Contact for a quote!


* $30 is for a plain white background without styling or copyright transfer (with products shipped to photographer)



I need food photos.  How will you make the food look good?

- I have my tricks!  I can treat the food in ways to make it look it's best.  Plus, I can style the food to make it look the most appealing.


What will the background be?

- That depends on your needs and your preferences.  A white background is a popular and cost-effective background for online storefronts.  I can also style a unique background to showcase your product or menu item including a lifestyle scene.  I also offer stock backgrounds that I can photoshop your product onto.


Will the shoot be at my place of business or at your studio?

- I can do shoots at your place of business if you are in my local shooting area.  However, you do not need to be in my local area to work with me.  Simply mail your product to me, and I'll do the shoot in my home studio.  If you'd like the product back, just provide a pre-paid mailing label.


Do I have a say in how my photos will look?

- Of course!  I want to know about your business, your ideal clients, your vision, your branding colors, and more!  That will help me create the perfect images for you.  We'll chat ahead of time to brainstorm ideas.


Do you offer any stock imagery?  How does that work?

- Yes, I do!  I have stock images to choose from as well as stock backgrounds to choose from.  Either can be used for a license fee and for a specific license duration.  If you choose a stock background, just send me your product, and I'll photograph it and Photoshop it into the background.