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Hi, I'm Angela, and I'm a Brand Photographer.

Who am I?  I could say my stats: I'm a professional photographer (since 2010), my specialities are photography and reel content including stop action, I shoot for all different kinds of brands, I do branding shoots on location or virtually, one of my reels had over 114K views on Instagram, etc.  Honestly though, most photographers and content creators out there will say something similar.  So why am I different?

I'm a storyteller. 

I've been one all my life.  It's taken different forms over the years: an actress, an author, costume designer, singer, stunt performer, and photographer...  but all the crafts I've enjoyed have the same thing in common. 

They all try to capture and tell the perfect story.  They try to create a little magic.

In a way, I feel that all of these crafts have helped me become the photographer I am today.  I look at every client, every brand, as a character.  I do a character study on that brand.  I get to know its vibe, the story behind it, what is important to it...  Yes, I'm reading all those "About Us" and "Our Story" pages on your websites!  All of those tidbits are pieces of the puzzle.  They help me get to know you so I can cater my photography to you.  It is through this attention to detail that I can create images and content that align with your brand whether it's well-established or just starting to find itself. 

After all, every brand is different.  I often have people ask me what my photography style is.  For brand work, my answer is, "My style is YOUR STYLE."  After all, if I had a set style, each brand would look the same and reflect me.  

But it should reflect YOU.  It should reflect your brand.  It should be unique.

I constantly push myself to try different things, different styles, different techniques.  I push myself creatively everyday so that I can always match your style and provide you with the best content.  I love seeing my clients' reactions when they see the content I've made for them.  I love seeing the comments on the social posts that feature my work.  I'm invested in every client, and I want you to succeed.

That's the kind of passion I bring to my brand photography.  After all, passion is what has driven you to create your brand and invest in it everyday.  So, let's work together to push your brand onwards and upwards!


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Some of the brands I've worked with:

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