We're James and Angela, a California Bay Area wedding photography team!


Ever since I was young, I wanted to "collect" moments.  I wanted a way to relive them over and over - to make them last forever.  There are several moments in our life when we just feel magic.  I wanted to be able to capture that somehow, to live it.  I wanted to capture those magical memories for others.  But I had no idea how.  


Then, I met James in 2006.  He was already a professional photographer at that time, but for me, photography was just something I admired but rarely did myself.  Soon, I saw it was the very thing I had been searching for.  Photography is how we can reclaim moments that have passed and make them live on.  Photos hanging on our walls bring smiles to our face as we pass them.  Photo albums bring a tear to our eyes and a shared laugh as we talk over stories of the day.  I suddenly saw how truly meaningful photography was to everyone's lives, and I wanted to give people that gift.  It's the greatest gift of life - memories and love.  It's something we feel even more strongly now since our kids were born.  They are certainly get their photos taken a lot!


James' beautiful images inspired me, and we began to work together in 2010, and we got married ourselves in 2014.  James loves candid moments since he got his start in photojournalism.  He's an expert at getting those special shots when you don't even know he has his lens fixed on you!  I love creating those magical moments during photo hour, part of which includes making it all fun for my couples so I get genuine emotion in photographs.  We work together in tandem to cover everything effortlessly and creatively.  Now, over a decade later from that first wedding, we're still so excited every time we meet a new bride and groom, every time we capture a first kiss, every time we are honored with capturing one of the happiest days of your life.


- Angela Hannibal