Your Wedding in 360 Degrees!


While we are primarily still photographers, we also love offering unique services to make your wedding even more memorable.  That's why we offer 360 Degree Videos!  This is not traditional videography, nor should it take the place of a traditional wedding video.  The editing is different, the look is different, and the user experience is different.  A 360 Degree video utilizes cameras that are about the size of an iPhone that captures footage in EVERY direction.  That means that when you view it back, you can look anywhere!  

Watch the bride walk down the aisle, and turn around to see the groom's reaction.  Watch the bride throw the bouquet and then turn and see who really caught that bouquet!  It's like you're there!  It's a great option for family and friends who can't be at the wedding or simply to experience your wedding in a different way every time you view the video!

We edit the footage in a way that you can watch it without moving the view (just as you would a normal video) so you don't have to be tech-savvy to enjoy it.  


Take a look at the other videos we've done in the past

to get a feel for what a 360 video can be like!

On a desktop:
First, turn off ad-block.  Then, to increase video resolution, click on the gear in the bottom right of the video, then select "Quality."  Select 8K (4320s) or the highest resolution available (this changes based on the age of the device it's being viewed on and the browser as not all screens can show 8K or 360s).  The video should look like a normal image at first glance.  We've found Google Chrome to be a good option.  Then, use your mouse to drag the view around to see any direction that you'd like!

On a smartphone:
To increase video resolution, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right of the video.  Then, click on "Quality," then "Advanced," and then the highest resolution available.  Then, move your phone around to see any direction you'd like.  Horizontal orientation is recommended.

If the video appears choppy, reduce the resolution by one step down.